Parts Feeding & Sorting

Being able to present component parts in bulk, have them separated and then orientated is the first crucial step in any assembly process. Not only must component parts be fed to a machine, they need to arrive in sufficient quantities to allow the machine to maintain the desired production rate.

With over 50 years experience in the design and build of product feeding systems, you can rely on Aylesbury Automation’s knowledge and expertise. Our range is extensive and includes:

• Vibration Parts Feeders 

• Linear Feeders

• Step Feeders 

• Centrifugal Parts Feeders

• Gravity Feeders

• GRASP (Guided Robot for Automatically Sorting of Parts)


Conveyors, elevator and hoppers can all be supplied as stand-alone items or as part of a feeding and orientation package. We will be pleased to provide a complete solution for the presentation of parts, allowing you to concentrate on processing the parts within your machine. 

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