Machine Vision Solutions

Aylesbury Automation has built up extensive experience in the specification and integration of machine vision systems. As an integrator for some of the industry’s most respected machine vision system and component suppliers, we are able to configure the most appropriate solution to any specific application.

Today’s machine vision systems operate at high speed and camera technology has evolved to allow the acquisition of high-resolution images at high frame rates for inspection and verification purposes. Our machine vision solutions can be integrated to conveyor systems allowing in-process inspection to be performed on the fly, with any parts deemed reject being automatically rejected.

Generally all parts that can be transported in stable positions are suitable for in-line inspection, preferably rotationally symmetrical parts with the following dimensions:

Length: 3mm - 78mm

Height: 0.5mm - 25mm

Width: 0.5mm - 22mm

Programming is achieved using the teach-in procedure (select a part, let it pass by the camera, start the device).

The feeding / inspection of a wide range of part types with rapid changing over between parts is possible.

Feeding in conjunction with the testing of parts as well as rejecting of out of specification parts ensures the highest levels of assembly machine uptime.

Even parts with difficult or almost imperceptible contours, where mechanical sorting units often fail, can be fed and inspected.


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