Special Purpose Machines & Systems

Special Purpose Assembly

Aylesbury Automation has decades of experience in the design and build of special purpose assembly machines and systems. Solutions range from simple 2 part assembly machines to sophisticated multi-part and high speed assembly lines.

Aylesbury Automation incorporates the very best in rotary and linear indexing technology within our systems. These technologies, coupled with our reliable and efficient product feeding systems, allow us to deliver industry leading assembly technology to our customers.

Our reputation for excellence in the field of product assembly has resulted in many customers ordering multiple and repeat systems from Aylesbury Automation. You can find out more about our expertise in automated assembly, the different types of systems and the industry sectors within which we operate by visiting the Applications section of our web site.

Aylesbury Automation Special Purpose Assembly Systems are:

  • Designed around the specific product and application requirements
  • Available with rotary and linear indexing technology options
  • Enhanced through Aylesbury Automation’s expertise in product feeding
  • Built to deliver the highest levels of productivity, efficiency and reliability
  • Compliant with industry specific regulations and specifications

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