Robot Weighing

2K Polymer Systems is using a fully automated robotic production cell solution to check weigh and pack cartridges. Built by industrial automatiion specialist Aylesbury Automation, the robot based machine is helping the manufacturer to meet increased product demand and achieve a quicker response to customers’ requirements. The machine check weighs a range of cartridges and palletises them ready for transfer to the next process. One complete part is checked every three seconds.

2K Polymer Systems, is a leading supplier of grouts, mortars, fillers and adhesives for the private label products market, providing a full range of anchoring, sealing, bonding, filling and repair solutions. Its speciality is in chemical mortars and resin-based compounds for everything from performance critical professional markets to DIY repair applications. 2K’s combination of polymer formulation experience along with innovative packaging solutions demands high quality manufacturing processes and controls.

The solution provided by Aylesbury Automation has help to improve quality management and minimise manual handling. After filling, the cartridges are moved from the outlet of the cartridge filling and assembly machine by a DENSO VS-6577, 6 axis robot. The robot is equipped with a range of grippers to ensure all different styles of cartridges can be picked. The robot places each cartridge into a purpose-built weigh station. The check weight of each style of cartridge is selected from the DENSO Robot Teach Pendant, which is also the system’s HMI.

Cartridges which pass the check weigh station’s tolerance limits are placed systematically into a grey storage container. Rejected cartridges are placed in an adjacent reject bin.To minimise floor space, product storage containers are fed using a powered “L” shaped conveyor. 

When each container is filled it is automatically discharged from the loading position and the next empty container transferred ready for processing. To maximise process eficiency filled cartridges are transferred to a holding station during storage container changeover.

There is no PLC in the production cell, all the machine’s functions are coordinated by the multi-tasking robot controller using Devicenet I/O, and this delivers a considerable cost saving. Six background tasks operate to control 256 I/O points and all status and error messages are shown on the robot HMI.

2K Polymer Systems been using DENSO robots for some time in the manufacture of products. Encouraged by the low capital cost of the Aylesbury Automation solution, the company is now exploring other processes which might benefit from robotic assistance.

AA Robotics distributes DENSO robots in the UK and Ireland. Their range is from 3Kg up to 20Kg payload in 4-axis or 6-axis arm configurations with a reach from 400mm to 1300mm. Denso robots have a fast 0.3 seconds pick and place operation which is repeatable to 0.015mm.

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