Bowl feeders and Tooled Equipment


The Euroscan is a complete compact feeding, orientating sorting and inspection device which consists of a bowl feeder (3 different sizes available) a conveyor belt with intergrated line scan camera system, all controlled by a brand-named computer and supplied on a common base plate.

Most parts which can be fed in a stable condition are suitable for use with the Euroscan system, but idealy rotationally symmetric parts with the following minimum dimensions

  • Length: 3mm up to 78mm
  • Height: 0.5mm up to 25mm
  • Width: 0.5mm up to 22mm

Parts are programmed into the system by a 'teach-in' procedure which uses a single part of mean dimensional tolerance.

To arrange a demonstration on your components please contact our sales department.


  • The Euroscan system is capable of feeding and testing a wide range of component parts with quick changeover times
  • The combination of feeding, testing and sorting of component parts within a single system will help avoid rejects and downtime in donstream automation
  • Even component parts with difficult or inpreceptible contours, which often fail in mechanical sorting systems, can be successfully processed by Euroscan

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