Schindler A-Series Stepfeeder

The SCHINDLER Series of Stepfeeders are probably the best in their class. The stepping plates treat the product gently and quietly. The unit is robust and virtually maintenance free.

The hopper which receives the conveyed product is not exposed to vibration, which ensures the quiet, gentle handling of the product with little noise. The filling height into the hopper is set at a sensible ergonomic level. The products to be sorted are partially orientated on the stepper plates prior to being transferred to the final orientation track.

The vibratory drive which conveys the product along the orientation track is powered be electromagnetic coils. This enables the linear speed to be adjusted with a high degree of sensitivity. Following the orientation the product is stored on the track ready to be presented for appropriate handling. The return of incorrectly orientated product from the orientation track is by means of a return chute to the storage hopper. Products which generate noise or components which must be handled gently are returned by means of a conveyor belt ie they are never exposed to free fall.

The stepping plates and orientation tooling which come into contact with the product are hardened to ensure a long operational life, this backed up by the addition of the conveyor within the storage hopper which advances in increments, transporting the products in a controlled and gentle manner. With these features the possibility of faults is thereby reduced. 

Swarf / shavings and other foreign bodies can be separated (if necessary) and deposited into a metal container which can be accessed from the side of the machine for emptying. 

To provide an increased storage capacity for the stepfeeder we can offer a storage conveyor. With the aid of this storage conveyor the product is fed in controlled amounts into the hopper at the base of the stepping plates. 

When frequent changes of product are made, a rapid emptying function is included which is achieved by a reversible motion of the belt. A lifting and tipping unit can be used if required for a load bearing capacity of 1 to 2 tonnes.

The Stepfeeder A-Series has the following distinctive features:

  • Compact construction
  • Fine height adjustment
  • Magnetic vibration
  • Sensitive set up
  • Maintenance free
  • Low energy consumption

Where can you use it?

The SCHINDLER A-Series Stepfeeder is ideal for components with dimensions up to:

  • Cubical: 200 x 200 x 200mm
  • Bar Shaped: 500mm long
  • Part weight 6 Kg. 

It's solid appearance and small footprint make it ideal for building into systems, processes or Special Purpose Machines. 


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