Inspection Systems

Machine Vision Inspection.


Inspection is a key part of many production processes and can take different forms depending on the specific application. Aylesbury Automation is able to offer a wide range of machine vision inspection systems, either as static inspection stations or robot mounted for ultimate flexibility.

Aylesbury Automation has several solutions for vision identification and sorting based around image processing. We have extensive in-house machine vision experience and systems which allow us to undertake development programmes on new customer applications.

The Aylesbury Automation's Euroscan is a complete compact feeding, sorting and inspecting device mounted on a base plate, consisting of a bowl feeder (3 available sizes), a conveyor belt with integrated camera system and a brand-name computer. 

Derived from the MRW ROBO-POT System, which has been tried and tested for over 16 years, the Aylesbury Automation's Euroscan now incorporates the most important consistently standard functions and functional units.

Inspection Systems Case Studies

Inspection of Pharmaceutical Packaging

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Boehringer...

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