Closure Systems

Cap Closing & Assembly.


Aylesbury Automation’s engineers have developed a number of innovative solutions for Cap Closing, and we work closely with our customers on each application to ensure we meet the exacting standards demanded.

The competitive nature of today's manufacturing environment , including demands for higher quality and lower cost, are the driving force behind the development of innovative automation solutions to cap closing applications.

Aylesbury Automation has both the expertise and innovative concepts required to design and deliver the closure systems needed to support new manufacturing programmes and meet customer's changing requirements. 

Aylesbury Automation's engineers have an unparalleled track record in developing new assembly solutions to meet the specific requirement of customers. In addition, and working in partnership with customers, Aylesbury Automation has been able to bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the design of cap closing systems.


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Closure Systems Case Studies

Closure of Plastic Moulded Caps

Introduction: Growing demand from consumers for novelty and convenience...

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