Design Solutions

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design team work closely with our customers at all stages of the design process to ensure that we fully understand the unique details of each individual component part to be handled, fed, orientated and subsequently assembled and tested.

We have established a reputation for providing innovative design concepts that allow our machines and systems to deliver the highest possible levels of productivity and efficiency.

We use SolidWorks 3D for all mechanical design within Aylesbury Automation.

Electrical Design

All electrical design is performed using WS CAD & E-plan. Both of these systems are dedicated electrical design packages which produce parts lists and wiring schemes, in turn reducing manufacturing lead times.

Our electrical design engineers ensure compliance with the latest safety regulations at all times and we also advise on technology solutions which keep flexibility to the forefront of each project. As an example, we may suggest the use programmable safety systems or other safety bus technology, rather than traditional fixed wiring solutions.

All designs will conform to the current EU regulations for machine safety. Including EN 60204.

PLC & Software Design

Equally important as electrical design, control system software also needs to be flexible and allow modifications to be made without affecting production.
Where applicable, we make use of field bus systems to reduce lead times and improve reliability.

Aylesbury Automation has in-house experience in the use of the common systems such as Ethernet, Device Net, Profibus DP, CAN Open. Our PLC Software is structured and easy to understand. The use of HMI’s provides a simple and intuitive operator interface, whilst displaying information on any problems with the machine. Aylesbury Automation offers PLC programming as a service, in addition to designing and building complete systems.

Our programmers have experience in most applications and are familiar with the complete range of modern PLC and their software packages. Aylesbury has also produced systems using the latest “Soft PLC from Beckhoff & Wago” and well as other PC based controllers. We also offer solutions using the main PLC manufactures such as: Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen Bradley, Siemens etc.
In addition to PLC programming we also have experience in implementing ORiN applications with DENSO robots and VBA applications and SCADA systems.

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Solution Packages

Aylesbury Automation is much more that an automation company. Our customers benefit from decades of experience at all stages of their project from advice on component design, features to aid component feeding, or even finding a solution which allows even the most difficult component parts to be fed and orientated ready for assembly.