Vibratory Bowl Feeders and alternative Product Feeding Systems

Bulk Storage

Aylesbury Automation offers a selection of Bulk Storage systems, including hopper systems and elevators, for use with our Product Feeding Systems.

Bulk Storage Hoppers


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Vibratory Bowl feeders and Tooled Equipment

AGR Automation offers a comprehensive range of Tooled Equipment including vibratory bowl feeders, bowl tops, linear feeders, re-tooled bowl tops and Euroscan. Euroscan is an all in one system for feeding, sorting and inspecting parts.

Untooled Equipment

All of the individual components required for parts feeding are available from Aylesbury Automation, including drive units, linear drives, cast and fabricated bowl tops and controllers. Visit this section of our site to find out more.

Alternative Feeding Systems

As a company at the forefront of production automation, our range of feeding systems also include centrifugal feeders, step feeders, gravity feeders and a range of highly flexible next generation feeders using robot and machine vision technology.