Special Purpose Machines & Systems

Special Purpose Assembly

Aylesbury Automation is recognised as an expert in the field of automated assembly. With over 50 years of experience, we have designed and built assembly solutions for a wide range of applications across numerous industry sectors.

Special Purpose Packing

Automated packing systems can take many forms ranging from bespoke designed high speed machines through to systems which incorporate robots. Aylesbury Automation is able to offer the optimum solution to product packaging.

Special Purpose Robot Assembly

Combining Aylesbury Automation’s expertise on product feeding and assembly with the capability and dexterity of robot systems opens up new concepts for automated assembly.

Special Purpose Robot Inspection

Robots are capable of performing a series of inspection and verification tasks using technologies such as sensors and machine vision. Add to this a useful work envelope and the capability of the robot to operate in 3 dimensions and you have a highly flexible inspection solution.

Special Purpose Robot De- Moulding

Integrating robots with Injection Moulding machines brings a host of benefits including the fastest possible de-mould times and the capability to perform additional post moulding operations.