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Aylesbury Automation Limited twin feeder system complete with bulk storage, tooled bowls and linears

Twin feeder system complete with 28 litre bulk storage, bowl level control, model 400 drive units fitted with tooled 400-38N bowls orientating electrical components and feeding them onto L2-800 and L2-1400mm long tooled linear drives fitted with track control to turn bowls off as required, tracks have open ends ready for customer to fit dead nests or escapements.

Aylesbury Automation Ltd. bolt feed, orientate & twin escape ready for customer to pick and place

Model 400 drive unit with 400-50 bowl tooled to feed and orientate bolts hanging by the head, gravity "L" track changes the orientation to the horizontal shank leading / head trailing, onto L2-1000 long linear with 1200mm long tooled track with high level sensor to start stop the bowl controlled via customers PLC. At the end of the track is a twin pocket side escapement fitted with part present sensors and controlled via customers PLC that presents two bolts correctly pitch to machine pick and place. Video shows the elements of the system being tested manually as supplied without control.

Robotic medical vial drug mixing cell

Aylesbury Automation Limited robotic Medical Vial drug mixing cell, capable of performing many different repeatable mixing patterns, multiple or single vials, different size vials and all accessed from automatic sliding door. The cell saves much time for nursing and lab staff that have to mix drugs and gives the perfect mix when the pattern and time has been determined. #medical #automation #health #innovation #healthcare #nursing #healthtech #medicine #wellness #clinical #patient #medicaldevices #automation #robotautomation #roboticsurgery #robotics #Denso

Medical Vial Flanged Tubes feed, orientate and store vertically replaces hand loaded hopper

Aylesbury Automation Ltd bowl feeder tooeld to feed, orientate and load vertical storage cascade that creates a queue of vials positioned over customer exisiting rotating pick up wheel

Aylesbury Automation Limited Baby Formula Scoop Feeder upto 70 ppm

Aylesbury Automation Limited Baby formula scoop feeder, vision check, insert and can escapement up to 70 PPM. Design can be tailored to suit customer requirements, multiple scoop sizes and colours, multiple can sizes can all be catered for. Fully compliant with clean room environments can be supplied with or with controls.

Aylesbury Automation Ltd fully automated 12 station machine assembling and testing 9 piece product

AA12 machine assembling customer product with 9 parts @ 40 PPM complete with vertical lifting counterbalanced guard for ease of access, all components feed and orientated using AAL feeders, machine uses Denso robot guided by a Keyence vision system to pick and final orientate one part that did not have features to orientate fully in the bowl feeder. One of the ways AAL can always achieve full orientation of components. Machine fitted with quick change and adjustable tooling to suit a range of 4 product sizes.