Latest high speed baby formula scoops into two sizes of cans fully automatic insertion machine soon be ready for testing, speeds upto 240 ppm, full colour scoop vision detection and high speed can reject if wrong or no scoop detected.

Bearing rollers bulk feed and orientate

Pressure test 3.8 millibar and date code print automated machine

Bolt feeding system

AGR Automation Limited twin feeder system complete with 28 litre bulk storage, tooled bowls and L2 linears

AGR Automation Ltd fully automated 12 station machine assembling and testing 9 piece product

Bowl Feeder system using AGR Automation Ltd model 200 bowl feeder, L5M 200 track and dead nest

Robotic Eyefeeder cell

Plastic cap, feed, close, check, count and dispense

Castor Wheel Robotic Assembly Machine

AGR Automation Ltd with a Denso 4 axis Robot Assembling and Packing Blades

Robotic Assembly Cell

Medical Vial Flanged Tubes feed, orientate and store vertically replaces hand loaded hopper

Medical Vial Mixing Robotic Cell

Baby Formula Scoop feed, inspect, insert at up to 70 PPM machine

AGR Assembly Systems

Our expertise in product feeding and assembly is recognised world-wide by our customers who rely on our systems to manufacture their products with the highest levels of quality and productivity.

Closure Systems

AGR Automation’s engineers have developed a number of innovative solutions for Cap Closing. We work closely with our customers on each application to ensure we meet the exacting standards demanded.

EYEFEEDER® makes 100% flexible non-stop production solution

Inspection Systems

Inspection is a key part of many production processes and can take different forms depending on the specific application. AGR Automation is able to offer a wide range of machine vision inspection systems, either as static inspection stations or robot mounted for ultimate flexibility.

Welding Systems

A complete robotic production cell solution has been delivered to Deutsch by automation specialist AGR Automation Limited. The DENSO robot based machine has been introduced as a result of increasing product demand. It assembles a range of similar, electrical plugs and sockets and produces one complete part every six seconds. 

Packaging Systems

A new robotic process at Stanley Tools has significantly reduced handling operations and improved productivity in knife blade dispenser packaging operations. AA Robotics, and one of it's System Integrators, AGR Automation Limited, has designed and installed automated packaging technology using DENSO robots to maximise the benefits of ‘lean manufacturing