About Us

Introduction to AGR Automation Limited (Aylesbury)

Where Our Customers Work

Aylesbury Automation Limited has built up a vast international customer base, spanning some 47 countries around the globe, where our technology and systems play a key role in manufacturing within a wide range of industries.

Company History

With its origins in The Bifurcated & Tubular Rivet Company (circa 1892), Aylesbury Automation Limited was first formed in 1960. The company expanded rapidly to become the leading automation company in the UK - a position it still maintains today trading as AGR Automation since January 2024.


Throughout our company's long history, Aylesbury Automation has pro-actively addressed market place requirements, gaining vast experience in the application of factory automation throughout almost every type of industry.

Company Aims & Objectives

Aylesbury Automation works closely with each customer, to understand their unique requirements. This allows us to develop the most appropriate and economic solution, to each individual manufacturing problem. By installing high quality equipment, built by best practice, we will continue to make industry more competitive.