2024 Aylesbury Automation now trading as AGR Automation with the same team in Aylesbury

As a family member of CONVERGIX Automation Solutions it has become time to fully integrate Aylesbury Automation with AGR Automation as as of January 2024 Aylesbury Automation is now trading as AGR Automation at our Aylesbury facility. CONVERGIX brings a new, holistic approach to automation throughout the value chain. At CONVERGIX, products, technology, experience, support and expertise intersect to empower customers in every industry to reach their full potential.

UK and Ireland Denso supply, integration and support

AGR Automation Aylesbury branch has been providing customers in the UK and Ireland with Denso products, support and advice for over 25 years. We can offer full turnkey solutions incorporating the latest Denso technology. We offer customers who purchase robots from AGR and want to integrate Denso robots into their own special purpose machinery full technical support and service. Visit our web site today www.agr-automation.com, call one of our team +441296314300 or send your enquiry to [email protected]

Bearing roller bulk feed and orientate

Another successful automation project completed by the AGR Automation team. We are always happy to discuss any automation and as part of a much bigger group we are able to offer solutions for a wide range of automotive, robotic and medical applications. See our parent company Convergix Automation to see our sister companies within our group

AGR Automation Limited Pressure test and date code printing machine

Very low pressure domestic waste pip flexible hose over moulded testing and date code printing machine. Failed hoses are rejected without being printed. Pressure of only 3.8 millibar

AA 16 Station assembly Machine with twin robot unload, orientate and pack final product

AGR Automation Limited manufacture a wide range of automatic assembly machines using proven technologies and techniques based on over 50 years’ experience utilizing in-house manufactured and tooled feeders. Specializing in Denso and Stäubli Robots. Example shown is based on a Camco rotary 16 station indexing dial assembling product with 7 different components at 100 PPM.

Robot Assembly Cell

AGR Automation Limited Robotic Assembly Cell producing 3 part assemblies of two sizes Waste Hose Fittings feeding from AAL Tooled feeders

Bolt feeding system

Model 400 drive unit with 400-50 bowl tooled to feed and orientate bolts hanging by the head, gravity "L" track changes the orientation to the horizontal shank leading / head trailing, onto L2-1000 long linear with 1200mm long tooled track with high level sensor to start stop the bowl controlled via customers PLC. At the end of the track is a twin pocket side escapement fitted with part present sensors and controlled via customers PLC that presents two bolts correctly pitch to machine pick and place. Video shows the elements of the system being tested manually as supplied without control.

Plastic cap feed, count, dispense

AGR Automation Limited automatic feed, close, detect and reject if not closed, dispense into boxes with an adjustable count. System running at 200 ppm using a tooled 630-65 bowl with a AAL 630 drive

Twin Denso + Staubli Robotic cell

Twin robotic cell complete with 18 off automatic quick change Robot end effectors that change for different products that are feed into Eyefeeders which flip and shake the parts presenting them to a Cognex vision system that tells the Denso 4 axis robots which parts are in a suitable position for picking. 7 off L2-1000 Linear storage tracks with escapements that present the parts to a further Cognex vision system that gives part orientation to Staubli 4 axis robots to pick and place the parts into product that feeds over the centre bed of the cell where a further Cognex vision system tracks the product and guides the robot to the place position. Cell assembles 60 PPM.

Bowl Feeder system using AGR Automation Ltd model 200 bowl feeder, L5M 200 track and dead nest

AGR Automation tooled feeder system for small medical part orientated large open side up presented to dead nest for pick and place at 30 PPM.

Robotic Eyefeeder cell

AGR Automation Limited robotic cell with an eyefeeder combined with cognex vision giving a Denso 6 axis robot component part orientation for accurate pick and place. The system replaced 6 change bowl tops saving many hours set up every day. The robot also changes the press tools automatically to suit the components making he system fully automatic.

Castor Wheel Robotic Assembly machine

AGR Automation Limited robotic cell with a Denso 6 axis robot picking and placing Castor wheel component parts fed and orientation from bulk accurately pick and placing into servo driven press. The assembly machine is capable of feeding and assembling several versions of the product and checks for correct parts and fitment during the assembly process.

AGR Automation Ltd with a Denso 4 axis Robot Assembling and Packing Blades

AGR Automation Limited robotic cell with two Denso 4 axis robot picking and placing blades fed and orientation from AAL bulk feeders, Denso robots accurately pick and placing onto a walking beam and into packaging. The assembly machine is capable of feeding and assembling 60 parts per minute. Finished product packed into trays which are automatically fed through the machine preventing any down time.

AA12 Fully automated 9 piece assembly and test machine @ 40 PPM

AA12 machine assembling customer product with 9 parts @ 40 PPM complete with vertical lifting counterbalanced guard for ease of access, all components feed and orientated using AAL feeders, machine uses Denso robot guided by a Keyence vision system to pick and final orientate one part that did not have features to orientate fully in the bowl feeder. One of the ways AAL can always achieve full orientation of components. Machine fitted with quick change and adjustable tooling to suit a range of 4 product sizes.

Electrical parts twin feeder system complete with bulk storage, tooled bowls and linears

Twin feeder system complete with 28 litre bulk storage, bowl level control, model 400 drive units fitted with tooled 400-38N bowls orientating electrical components and feeding them onto L2-800 and L2-1400mm long tooled linear drives fitted with track control to turn bowls off as required, tracks have open ends ready for customer to fit dead nests or escapements.

Medical Vial Flanged Tubes feed, orientate and store vertically replaces hand loaded hopper

AGR Automation Ltd bowl feeder tooled to feed, orientate and load vertical storage cascade that creates a queue of vials positioned over customer existing rotating pick up wheel.

Robotic cell for the mixing drugs in vials normally performed by nurses and laboratory staff

Medical Vial drug mixing cell, capable of performing many different repeatable mixing patterns, multiple or single vials, different size vials and all accessed from automatic sliding door. The cell saves much time for nursing and lab staff that have to mix drugs and gives the perfect mix when the pattern and time has been determined. See Applications for VIDEO of finished cell in action.

Baby formula scoop feeder, vision check, insert, can feed and can reject 300 PPM

AAL specialise in feeding from bulk, orientating, placing and vision checking baby formula scoops decanting them into cans and containers in a continuous motion at rates from 15PPM or lower up to 300 PPM depending on customer requirements, full turnkey solutions with vision to detect colour and type of scoop, with automatic rejection while continuous running.

Baby formula scoop feeder, vision check, insert and can escapement 70 PPM

AAL specialise in feeding from bulk, orientating, placing and vision checking baby formula scoops decanting them into cans and containers in a continuous motion at rates from 15PPM or lower up to 300 PPM depending on customer requirements, full turnkey solutions with vision to detect colour and type of scoop, with automatic rejection while continuous running. See Applications for more information and video.

Robotic vision guided place and assemble

AAL designed and built 2020 twin feed and assemble cell using cognex vision to locate place positions at 30 ppm per side on customers product running under central raised section. AAL bulk hoppers feeding tooled feeders that orientate product to be placed and feeding onto L2 1200 linears terminating with final orientation escapements. System has been recently installed and integrated into customers manufacturing line utilising customers existing HMI. Due to available space the vertical section guard was built with counterballanced vertically opening access doors. #manufacturing #machinery #industrial #engineering #innovation #robotics #vision #design #production #solutions

Continuous cap feed, orientate, gauge and count fitted with 3 way diverter

Fully automatic system that is positioned post moulding machine to check closure of plastic flip caps, count and deliver them into boxes in quantities selected from adjustable counter on the machine. 3 way diverter fitted on outfeed changes lanes when count is reached giving the operator time to change over full boxes for empty allowing the system to continuously run at 160 caps per minute.

High speed special purpose assembly machines and lines

Aylesbury Automation Limited (AAL) main business is supplying special purpose high speed product assembly machines and lines AAL are able to meet all customer requirements from small two-part assemblies with no limit for multiple parts, recent 4 machines supplied in 2020 feeding 7 individual components form bulk, orientating, assembling, pressing, vision checking and feeding into flow wrap in 10 different configurations at 100 PPM. Many 100's of successfully completed projects completed over the past 50 years we always have something in build on the shop floor. Able take on big projects, recent examples over £2 million in value.

Small feeder systems with conveyor out feeds

Recently built 3 small systems able to handle multiple dental products detecting type, rejecting incorrect parts and recirculating any parts over feed and not required to be delivered to customers baggers. Running at only 3 parts per minute but able to run at 60 ppm.

Multiple Robotic Packing Cells

2020 AGR Automation Limited designed, manufactured and assembled in-house multiple Robotic Packing Cells.

Bulk Feeding Equipment

AGR Automation Limited manufacture in house a wide range of bulk feeding elevators, conveyors, hoppers and inclined hoppers to suit customer specific requirements. Heavy duty rubber and steel lined, FDA approved St.steel 316, Mild steel coated or painted. If you have a requirement to bulk feed components we have a solution.

Tooled L1 and L2 linears

AGR Automation Limited manufacture and supply tooled and un-tooled linear drive units for many OEM's, customers can benefit from AAL vast experience in knowing the best linear and tooling to use for a specific part to be feed. Save the stress and use AAL to solve all your feeding requirements. Examples shown in picture L1 and al2 Linears, L2 linears can be supplied in lengths from 650mm to 3000mm with tracks to suit.


With a history spanning over 50 years, and an impressive industrial heritage, AGR Automation is recognized across multiple market sectors as a trusted supplier of innovative production automation solutions.


AGR Automation offers an extensive range of Bowl Feeders both Tooled and Un-tooled plus a range of alternative systems for product feeding, handling and sorting. Browse through this section of our web site to find out more.


AGR Automation has a reputation for excellence in designing and building product handling, packaging and inspection systems. Our technology can be found in a wide number of market sectors including: Automotive, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Plastics and Packaging.


We offer a number of solutions packages from conceptual ideas to full Mechanical & Electrical Design, PLC & Software Design and Parts Feeding. Complementing these solutions is a comprehensive Production Reporting package.


Since the company was formed in 1961, Aylesbury Automation now trading as AGR Automation has maintained its reputation as the UK’s leading supplier of industrial automation products and systems. Quality, integrity and a customer focused approach are the core values upon which we continue to grow our business. Our resources include highly experienced Sales, Design, Workshop and Service personnel who work together to develop industry leading production automation solutions.

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AGR Automation offers a wide range of Solution Packages including: Mechanical & Electrical Design, PLC & Software Design, Parts Feeding & Sorting and Machine Vision Identification, Location & Inspection. Complementing these solutions is a comprehensive Production Reporting package. Visit this section of our web site for a comprehensive overview of our capabilities.

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AGR Automation has developed close working partnerships with a number of ancillary equipment and technology suppliers. These partnerships allow AGR Automation to integrate some of the industry’s most efficient and reliable Robots, Conveyors, Machine Vision Systems and much more.


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